Friday, June 05, 2009

Add Your Cause-Related Blog to the List of Change

Livingston Communications has launched a new ranked list of cause-related blogs called List of Change.

If you are using your blog for social impact, you can submit your site to be included on the List by filling out this form.

The List of Change was developed by programmer Shannon Whitley and Geoff Livingston, and co-facilitated by changeblogger extraordinaire, and my co-Contributing Editor of the Social Change section of BlogHer, Beth Kanter.

Eventually the List will be moved to the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s site after its redesign.

Each blog's ranking is established by statistics: Technorati ranking, Technorati inbound blog links, Bloglines subscriptions, Alexa rank, Google pagerank, and Yahoo! inbound links.

You can read more about the List of Change on these blogs:
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  1. Thanks, You do great work...

    I wanted to let you know that I reposted this blog posts w/kudos

    to my Blog!

    If you ever need help to spread the word about anything you can count on me!

    Be well, Deane

  2. Thanks for the tip, Britt!

  3. Thanks for writing this up, Britt. We appreciate your support, and hope we can drive a lot of traffic to all of the bloggers participating.

  4. Thanks for spreading the word, Deane.

    You're welcome, Joana.

    Thanks for putting it together, Geoff!

  5. I have founded to create a community that will use the combined power of unity to bring about change.
    We have some basic reasonable expectations for family life around the world. We are seeking to put corporate profits below the importance of children and families. Please visit to vote to STOP Adult ads in Public venues.
    We are looking for steering committee members and guest blog authors….
    John - By ourselves we are limited, together we are formidable


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