Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Changeblogger Ning Group, Meetup, Meme and Wiki

In early May, I wrote a post asking all of you for suggestions for "changebloggers," people who are using their blog, podcast or vlog to raise awareness, to build community, and/or to facilitate readers/listeners/viewers' taking action to make the world a better place.

Since then, a number of different changeblogger tools, communites and events have been created which I encourage you to join, and to invite others to join:

1. Changeblogger Ning social network to connect with other changebloggers.

2. Changeblogger Facebook to connect with other changebloggers.

3. Changeblogger wiki to list your changeblog, podcast or vlog (set up by SocialButterfly).

4. 1st D.C. Changemakers/Changeblogger Meetup on October 15. Alex Steed will be there as a stop on his Millennials Changing America: The Next Generation of Organizing tour (which you can donate to, like Beth Kanter did). Brazen Careerist bloggers will be there as well.

5. Qui Diaz of Livingston Communications has started a 3-question Changeblogging Meme, which you can join:
  1. What is one change - big or small, local or global - you want to see in your lifetime?
  2. Who is already working on this issue that you think others should support?
  3. How are you going to use your Web/tech/marcom skills to further this cause?

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