Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Few More Do Good Gift Ideas

My friend, Corrina McFarlane, sent this link to an article from the Boston Globe, Giving Twice: Thoughtful gifts that benefit charities, education, and research.

If you read this great article from UTNE reader, Blanket Relief:
How one man's simple idea is getting thousands of blankets to quake survivors in Pakistan
, on the same page there is a box that says, "Gift for the Greater Good". If you click on it, you can download a 10 page PDF with advertisements from all kinds of Fair Trade companies.

And even though it isn't about gifts, keeping in line with the Christmas theme, check out this post about Christmas Lights for Charity from the blog, so you wanna be a Domestik Goddess?


  1. All really good ideas.

  2. Thanks, Jane! And I hope folks reading these comments will check out Jane's lovely blog, The Giving Blog at


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