Monday, April 29, 2013

Out of the Spiritual Closet: Organizers Transforming the Practice of Social Justice. Big Vision Podcast Interview with co-author, Kristen Zimmerman

This month's Big Vision Podcast guest is Kristen Zimmerman, one of four co-authors of the Movement Strategy Center report, "Out of the Spiritual Closet: Organizers Transforming the Path of Social Justice," along with Neelam Pathikonda, Brenda Salgado, and Taj James.

As a Senior Fellow at the Movement Strategy Center, Kristen leads the development of the Center's movement building practice and methodology. Her primary focus is the integration of transformative practice with strategy, movement building and alliance building technologies, and the use of story and narrative for movement building. She currently serves on the design team and faculty of the NoVo Foundation's Move to End Violence — a 10-year movement building initiative to end gender-based violence. She lives in Oakland with her 8-year-old son, Jonah Ravi, and her partner, Adrienn.

Below are links to the organizations Kristen mentioned during our conversation:

You can download a free copy of "Out of the Spiritual Closet: Organizers Transforming the Path of Social Justice," from the Movement Strategy Center website, and connect with three of the report's authors on Twitter and Facebook:

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Respectful Revolution's Video Portrait of My Do-Good Dad: Tom Aageson, Co-Founder, Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship

Shout out for my Do-Good Dad! He's one of the Respectful Revolution's video portraits. He is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, founded a program for homeless veterans in conjunction with the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness, and is involved with Santa Fe for Students / Communities In Schools of New Mexico. And that's only in the last 10 years. You'd need a feature film to document everything he has done to make the world a better place in his lifetime.

You can watch the 5:40 video on vimeo, or on the player below.

Tom Aageson and the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship from Respectful Revolution on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

How It All Vegan: Cook with the VegCookbook Club in April!

On March 14th, VegCookbook author, Sarah Kramer, announced on her blog that she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt so sad when I read her  post. As if I’d received bad news from a good friend. I’ve been cooking from How It All Vegan! and Garden of Vegan, that Sarah co-wrote with Tanya Barnard, for over a decade. Her cookbooks are a part of my daily life.

I want to support Sarah during this challenging time, so the VegCookbook Club will be cooking from her first cookbook, How It All Vegan! in April. I hope you'll join us.

You can read about how to participate on the VegCookbook Club About page. You can also check out the VegNews article we were featured in, 3 Ways to Share Your Love of Veg Food, my interview about the VegCookbook Club with Kimberly Wilson on the Tranquility du Jour podcast, and the ♥love notes♥ from VegCookbook Club members

How many of you got one of Sarah's cookbooks as your first VegCookbook?

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