Monday, February 04, 2013

Pollination Project: $1,000 seed grants to individual change makers

Do you have an idea for a world-changing project that could bloom with some seed money? 

The new Pollination Project
is giving $1,000 seed grants to individual changemakers, every day, 365 days a year.

You can find information about how to apply on the Pollination Project website, follow them on Twitter at @Pollinationproj, and like them on Facebook.

The issues they fund include:

  • Compassion towards all life (people, planet, animals)
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Justice in all forms
  • Community health and wellness
  • Putting consciousness into action
  • Social change-oriented arts and culture

I've compiled a list people they funded in January 2013 below, and created a PollinationProject Twitter list so that you can browse through all of these inspiring projects.

  1. Adam Sugalski, @CircusProtest 
  2. Adela Raffa, Women in AWE, Bread for the Journey, Atlanta @BFJ_Intl 
  3. Carolyn Mullin, National Museum of Animals and Society Oral History Project @AnimalMuseum 
  4. Chloe Falkenheim, Youth Vegetarian Alliance 
  5. Dana Mahon, Child’s Pose Yoga  
  6. Elizabeth Rider, International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare @charter4values 
  7. Emily Hime, Ke Kontan English Class @HimeForHelp 
  8. Greg Singer, Vegtoons @vegtoons 
  9. Gwen Sofer, The Women’s Circle 
  10. Heather Laurie, Olly the Activist Dog @OllyActivistDog 
  11. Ingrid Cordes, Neighborhood Cat Advocates  
  12. Janet McKee, Bethany’s Story @BethanysStory 
  13. Jennie Kay, Detroit Sanctuary Project @DetroitSnctry 
  14. José Ramon, Edible Ahmedabad  
  15. Keith McHenry, Food Not Bombs Free Skool @NikRye 
  16. Laura Henderson, Growing Places Indy @GrowingPlacesIN 
  17. Leah Lamb, My Planet @_myplanet_ 
  18. Lisa Benham, Gardening and Environmental Literacy at San Quentin Prison  
  19. Melody Moore, The (Inner) Beauty Shop 
  20. Megan Lipsett, Copia Health  
  21. Megan Pincus Kajitani, Giraffe Revolution @thinkgiraffe 
  22. Meg Stockdale, Imagine Yoga Project 
  23. Michael Meng, Paint the World @paint_theworld 
  24. Mina Girgis, The Nile Project @nileproject  
  25. Nawal Basheer, Promoting Community Service  
  26. Nikki Myers, Yoga for 12 Step Recovery @Y12SR 
  27. Nora Kramer, Protecting Playas  
  28. Sarah Hanson, Labyrinthine @LabyrinthineOrg 
  29. Shital Mehta, Generosity at Shantivan Gardens 
  30. Steven Prussack, VegWorld Magazine @vegworld1 
  31. Vandana Agarwal, Happy Hospitals

Full disclosure: I am a Pollination Project Ambassador.

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