Tuesday, April 02, 2013

How It All Vegan: Cook with the VegCookbook Club in April!

On March 14th, VegCookbook author, Sarah Kramer, announced on her blog that she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt so sad when I read her  post. As if I’d received bad news from a good friend. I’ve been cooking from How It All Vegan! and Garden of Vegan, that Sarah co-wrote with Tanya Barnard, for over a decade. Her cookbooks are a part of my daily life.

I want to support Sarah during this challenging time, so the VegCookbook Club will be cooking from her first cookbook, How It All Vegan! in April. I hope you'll join us.

You can read about how to participate on the VegCookbook Club About page. You can also check out the VegNews article we were featured in, 3 Ways to Share Your Love of Veg Food, my interview about the VegCookbook Club with Kimberly Wilson on the Tranquility du Jour podcast, and the ♥love notes♥ from VegCookbook Club members

How many of you got one of Sarah's cookbooks as your first VegCookbook?

P.S. My new e-course, Blogging to Inspire starts this week (April 4th). Click here to download a free sample Blogging to Inspire lesson.

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