Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Lately I've been thinking about getting a dog or cat and have been spending too many hours surfing Petfinder , a database of homeless pets. As part of my surfing, I came across the Best Friends Network, a nonprofit network that allows animal lovers to become members, join and create online communities around animal-related topics (i.e pet rescue and reunion of animals from Katrina), participate in discussion forums and create blogs.

Blog topics can range from Adoption Ads that Really Work II by Elizabeth Doyle, to Cathy's Journal: Post-Katrina thoughts, to a blog where members can post questions in the comments for animal communicator, Lauren McCall.

The site also has two campaigns going on: one to find dog trainers to work with Katrina animals with serious behavioral problems, and the other to raise money, recruit volunteers and find homes for 1,000 bunnies in Reno, NV as part of The Great Bunny Rescue!

Don't you have room for just one little bunny?

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