Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Network for Peace and Human Rights

How would you like to be "friends" with Rigoberta Menchu, the Dalai Lama and Jimmy Carter? You might be able to if you join the newly launched social network,
From the home page:

"Our social network just launched! November 26, we have just launched our new social network, to put you in touch with Nobel Peace Prize winners and other peace builders around the globe. Our site is just launching in beta. New material is being added daily. So we're hoping you will be among the first to jump in and grow with us."

Ok, you probably won't get notices like, "Oscar Arias has asked a new question on TheCommunity," but you never know. Here is the description from their FAQ page:

"1. What is this network about?'s social network is a place where you can come and find out about, follow and in some cases even directly interact with people who are working on a grassroots level to build peace. It is also an opportunity to meet others around the world who, like you, are interested in improving conditions in the world."

Either way, the design and focus of the site are lovely. I joined the handful of people who have signed up to be members.

Their partner orgs include Amnesty International, Artists for Amnesty International, Equal Access, Fund for East Timor, Global Security Institute, PeaceJam and the Tibetan Students Project.


  1. Also mentioned this post, too, on my blog. What an intriguing idea for a social network. I hope takes off and surprises even those developing it with its roaring success.

    p.s. I'm looking forward to attending an open house at Global Girlfriend this evening and will post on that experience this weekend! All these organizations are so deserving of attention and support K.

  2. I'm looking forward to your report back from Global Girlfriend.

    I just added your novel to my Amazon wishlist. Maybe I'll get it for Christmas (:


  3. Thanks Britt!! I just posted on the Global Girlfriend Open House. So glad I went! K.

  4. How fun you got to meet Stacey Edgar. Your daughter is very cute!

  5. Thanks, Britt! It was definitely a fun mother-daughter outing. :)


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