Monday, January 11, 2010

Have Fun Do Good Idea: Throw an Online Fundraising Surprise Birthday Party

Whenever the nonprofits I work with as a social media consultant ask, "What blogs should we be reading?" the first one I always recommend is Beth's Blog by Beth Kanter. Beth is a one woman news service/think tank for everything you want to know about nonprofits and social media. She's also a Contributing Editor with me for the Nonprofit and Social Change section of

To celebrate Beth's 53rd birthday today Amy Sample Ward and Stacy Monk came up with a have fun do good idea: they are throwing her an online surprise party to fulfill her birthday wish of raising $530 to send 53 Cambodian children to school through the Sharing Foundation. To understand why the Sharing Foundation is important to Beth, watch this video she made with her son Harry last year.

Sixty bloggers (and counting) posted about how Beth has impacted their work, and linked to her Birthday Cause on Facebook. As of this writing, Beth's wish to raise $530 has been surpassed. $3,256 has been donated to the Sharing Foundation in her honor.

If you read Beth's Blog, and would like to be a part of her online surprise party just:

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  1. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Ah, looking at the photo - what a trip down memory lane. Wasn't it at the 2008 Netsquared Conference or was it Blogher in SF? Do you remember?

    thank you so much for the post and of course for your support of Cambodian children

  2. I took it from your Flickr stream (: It says it was uploaded May 30, 2006 so it was the first Net2 Conference. You captioned it, "That's me and Britt Bravo finally meeting face-to-face at Netsquared" (:

  3. Anonymous6:17 PM

    see what happens when you reach 50 plus -your memory falls apart! :-)

    Yes, now I remember!!


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