Monday, September 20, 2010

Your Nominations: 13 People with Big Visions for a Better World

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Wow, everyone!  Thanks for answering my post from last week, Who Should I Interview for the Big Vision Podcast?  I'm loving hearing all of your ideas.

Here's who you've suggested so far:

Who else should be on this list?

UPDATE: Below are more of your nominations.  Keep the names coming!

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  1. I'd like to nominate Gemma Sisia, an Australian woman who established a school for the poorest of the poor in Arusha, Tanzania, in 2002. From 3 kids in 2002, the school now includes primary and secondary schools on two campuses, catering to 1,300 students. They plan to add extra classes every year until the oldest (now in Yr 7) reach Yr 12.

    Gemma has the commitment, energy, intelligence and endurance to scale-up this project which now has a multi-million dollar budget.

    Gemma is down to earth, articulate and interesting. Her story of being the only girl in a family of 8 children, raised on a sheep station in Australia, would be as interesting as the project she has given her life to.

    She is easy to find online.. just google 'school of st jude', or look on Facebook or Wikipedia.

  2. Thanks, for letting me know about Gemma's work, Gillian! I added her to the list above.

  3. I would like to nominate Jay Baydala. He sold everything in 2006 to start a charity in Canada called UEnd:Poverty. The org's mission is to help end extreme poverty in the developing world. Once he realized that people were dying for lack of $.10cent pill while North Americans spent 1trillion dollars on Christmas presents alone, he figured if we educated people to give just 5% of their usual gift budgets to a better gifts then we could change the world.
    So... he built a gift card platform at using his IT background and then partnered with trusted on-the-ground Community Development Organizations to post their projects on our site. It is all about being a one-stop shop for helping sustainable community projects that get the money to the people who need it most to get themselves out of poverty- it is all about giving a hand up never out. Customers buy gifts that they choose the projects from an online transparent database of projects. They also give 1/4ly feedback to keep the purchaser and recipient up to date on the impact of their gifts.

  4. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Steve Atamian, Global Brigades!

  5. Hi Kim,

    I've added Jay's name to the list above. Thanks!

  6. I would like to nominate Laura of the Secret Agent L blog ( Her blog has one powerful purpose: to grow a network of "spies" who complete missions of random acts of kindness. It's catching on, and I think the inspiration she provides makes her and her blog a worthy candidate.

    Thanks so much!

  7. Thanks, Terez! I've never heard of that blog. What a fun idea. I've added her to the list.

  8. Rinku Sen, Exec Dir at Applied Research and one the smartest people I've heard on immigration reform and race in the US. Author of the Accidental American.

  9. Thanks, Nelson! I've added him to the list above.

  10. Mark Lawrence4:54 PM

    I see that Jalila Bouchareb is in your list, she is doing wonderful things for Morocco, especially the women in the south of the country by supporting their businesses.

    I think she would be a great candidate for the Big Vision Podcast.


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