Wednesday, February 01, 2012

12 Prompts for Generous Living & Blogging

Inspired by my post, 20 Ways to be a Generous Blogger, I shared 12 Prompts for Generous Living and Blogging in this month's Juicy Blogging e-News.

You don't need to be a blogger, to try the Generous Living prompts, so I thought I'd share them here too. If you'd like to receive the Juicy Blogging eNews in your in-box once a month, you can subscribe by clicking here.  Have fun doing good!

Wednesday, February 1
Live it: What are your generous living goals for the month? How do you want to give to yourself, your friends, your family, your local community, and the world at large?
Blog it: Share your reflections on your blog.

Thursday, February 2
Live it: Jot down ideas for gifts or cards for friends, family and colleagues who have February and March birthdays.
Blog it: Share a home made, or do-good gift idea on your blog.

Friday, February 3
Live it: Go for a walk and take a photo of something fun, funny, hopeful, or inspiring.
Blog it: Share the photo on your blog. If you can’t take a photo, find a photo on Flickr with an Attribution License. Be sure to credit and link back to the photographer, and let them know that you used their photograph.

Saturday and Sunday, February 4 and 5
Live it: Make a big batch of soup, or a large casserole. Freeze and share extra servings with someone who could use a break from cooking.
Blog it: Post photos of your dish, and the recipe on your blog. 

Monday, February 6
Live it: Buy or borrow a book about a person who inspires you, or a cause you’re passionate about.
Blog it: Share your 5 favorite do-good, or inspiring books on your blog.

Tuesday, February 7
Live it: Valentine’s Day is in a week. Make a list of people to send Valentines. Is there someone who will feel extra lonely on Valentine’s Day? Be sure to send them a card.
Blog it: Share a home made, or do-good Valentine’s Day idea on your blog. 

Wednesday, February 8
Live it: What are you really good at? Give it away to someone today.
Blog it: Write about your experience giving it away, or give something away on your blog.

Thursday, February 9
Live it: Post a quote that inspires you in a prominent place at work, or in your home.
Blog it: Share the quote on your blog. If you want, share a photo of where you posted it.

Friday, February 10
Live it: Find or make a video about something fun, funny, hopeful, or inspiring.
Blog it: Share the video on your blog.

Saturday and Sunday, February 11 and 12
Live it: Bake a batch of cookies, or cupcakes to share at a party, with your neighbors, or at work.
Blog it: Post photos of your treats, and the recipe on your blog.

Monday, February 13
Live it: Make a donation to your favorite nonprofit, or do-good project
Blog it: Shine a spotlight on the organization, or project on your blog. Share why it is close to your heart.

Tuesday, February 14
Live it: Write an email, or send a card to someone who inspires you.
Blog it: Post a "link love" list of bloggers who inspire you, and whose posts make your heart sing.

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