Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Growing Good Habits + a Happy Reminder Board (video)

Happy Reminder Board (special appearance by Dora the Cat) from Britt Bravo on Vimeo.

Whether I'm working with bloggers and creative entrepreneurs, or talking with a friend, everyone I know is trying to grow good habits.  They want to write "morning pages," meditate, exercise, blog, cook dinner, make art, stretch, drink 8 glasses of water, eat healthier, and give thanks more often (sound familiar?).

When I've asked people about what helps them keep good habits, they say:

  • Enjoying the process
  • Enjoying the result
  • Having fun
  • Having a role model, or mentor
  • Keeping the habit with a buddy, or partner
  • Making it a ritual (rather than a goal)
  • Being accountable to someone else
  • Being accountable to only themselves
  • Having a system, or structure
  • Feeling grateful
What good habits do you have, and what makes you keep them?

In the little 3-minute video (above), I'll show you the awesome gift the hubs made for me that I've been calling my "Happy Reminder Board." As some of you know, during the 40 days before I turned 40, I did a daily practice of moving, playing, reflecting and connecting.  By the time my birthday came around, I felt great! In 2012, I'm trying to grow the good habit of doing these four things every day, and I've been using my Happy Reminder Board to help me.

If you want help growing your blogging or creative habits, let me know!  I love working with folks one-on-one. Also, let me know if you want a Happy Reminder Board.  Maybe the hubs will make you one too!

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  1. Love this Britt! Love your good habits tips, love the video, love the happy reminder board and love the production assistant!

    I am right there with ya on your reflect-play-move-connect...

    I find that making sure I move first thing in the morning keeps my energy and mood up thru the day...reflect I love to do both am and pm...journal goals and gratitudes...and Play-with My Girl, hubs and guitar are daily faves! And connect...all day long if possible. I love it when habits become a way of life. YAY!

  2. I loved this video, Britt; though, your production assistant (rightfully) stole the spotlight from you :)

  3. Thanks for watching, Gabriela & Growningrace!

    Our kitty often steals the show. Basically, she runs the show (:

  4. I am totally stealing this idea! Thanks for sharing. And my daughter loved your cat, so it was a win all around :)

  5. Tat @ Mum in Search ~

    So glad you liked it. And thanks for the retweet!

  6. What a great gift of support from your hubby. And what an adorable production assistant you have there...mine is sitting beside me right now(she's a tabby, too).

    One of my favorite daily good habits includes walking my dog in the park. I've been walking everyday for years. I love it. So it counts as moving and play. I reflect doing my yoga stretches before the walk and in my journal later. I'm working on connecting more...that's my 2012 goal.

  7. Hi Susan,

    Kitties make great production assistants, don't they (:

    Two "connecting" things I've enjoyed is 1. making handmade birthday cards for birthdays, and 2. having "Skype teas" with friends and colleagues.


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