Thursday, November 17, 2005

501c3 Cast

Thanks to Beth Kanter's blog for turning me onto the 501c2 Cast "a podcast for nonprofit professionals, volunteers, and do-gooders to share information and resources to help them do their jobs better." I"ve only listened to a few posts, but I love all the great "lookie lookie links" (that is what podcaster Corey Pudhorodsky calls them). I've already explored (and posted in my blogroll) some cool sites he suggested:

Nonprofit Blog Exchange: A site for people interested in nonprofit blogs.
Global Fundraising Innovation: The best new ideas, tools and trends from the world of nonprofit fundraising
Grassroots Innovations: A non-profit organization whose mission is to spread valuable social information throughout the world, and to provide free services to charities to help them save money and further their own missions.

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