Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Black Gold: Fair Trade Coffee Movie on PBS

Black Gold Movie

Last fall I wrote a post, "Know Where Your Coffee Comes From" about, Black Gold, a documentary about Fair Trade and the coffee industry.

You can watch the film this week, starting tonight, on PBS.

If you'd like to learn more about why Fair Trade makes a difference, and the relationship between Starbucks and Fair Trade coffee, check out my interview with Paul Rice, the founding president and CEO of the Oakland based nonprofit, TransFair USA , on the Big Vision Podcast. I'll post a transcript of the interview here next week.


  1. "You can watch the film this week, starting tonight, on PBS"

    No I can't. I don't live in America.

    Just a quick reminder of what the first W stands for in the WWW.

    The USA is not the world.

  2. Very good point, ourman. I should have clarified that it was in the US and pointed to this page for folks to find screenings near them:

  3. It thank you and apologise for my grumpyness.

  4. For those of you who are interested in viewing or owning “Black Gold,” the film that documents the struggles of Ethiopian coffee farmers fighting to get a fair price for their coffee, it is now available to the public on DVD via California Newsreel. You can read more about the documentary or pick up a copy of it here at http://newsreel.org/

  5. Having seen both "Black Gold" and PBS's "Black Coffee", I would have to say that Black Gold was much better, giving a better idea of how coffee trading works and what is wrong with the system, whereas PBS's version seemed to be just a long ad for Starbucks and didn't really address a lot of the issues out there.


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