Thursday, April 12, 2007

Three Women Journalists and Activists Host Sundance's "The Green"

With Earth Day coming up, lots of green projects are launching this month, including the Sundance Channel's, The Green, a block of weekly programming devoted to the environment. Three women journalists and environmental activists will host the series: Majora Carter, Founder and Director of Sustainable South Bronx, Simran Sethi, anchor for TreeHugger TV, and Allison Stewart, daytime anchor for MSNBC and host of "The Most".

I saw Majora Carter speak last May at a Solutions Salon put on by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland. She was amazing. You can watch an awesome talk she gave at the TED Conference here. Her organization, Sustainable South Bronx, is an environmental justice nonprofit working for the environmental and economic rebirth of the South Bronx.

Even more exciting to me than that three women are hosting is that they are all women of color. Go Sundance!

The Green launches on April 17th with a 13-part program, Big Ideas for a Small Planet at 9/8c, and the first in a series of green documentaries. This week's documentary is, Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash at 9:35/8:35 c. You can see clips from both shows here.

Full disclosure: My husband, Adriano Bravo, did sound recording for some of the episodes of Big Ideas for a Small Planet.

Photo Credit: Majora Carter (left), host of Sundance Channel's THE GREEN by James Burling Chase. Simran Sethi, host of Sundance Channel's THE GREEN by Michael Williams photography. Both photos from the Sundance Channel press site.

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