Friday, December 21, 2007

Reader Spotlight: Robyn Fehrman is an Engine of Change

Update January 17, 2008: She won first prize!

I get LOTS of emails and press release from people asking me to write about the good work their doing. I really wish I could post about all of them, but a girl's gotta work!

Most of the emails I receive are from companies or organizations, but this week I received an email from a reader who, along with her sister, is a triathlete "tri-ing" to end homelessness by raising awareness and funds for Genesis Home, a transitional shelter for homeless families in Durham, NC.

Their campaign is one of 10 finalists in Toyota's Engines of Change Power of Sport contest. and she needs your vote to win.

Here is her email:
Hi Britt,

Thank you for writing Have Fun*Do Good! As a community volunteer and program officer at a local community foundation, I am continually inspired by the folks you profile and by the concrete tips you regularly offer! In the spirit of one of your recent posts, I'm writing to ask you to help spread the word about my Tri to End Homelessness campaign.

Throughout 2007, my sister Rachel and I have worked to raise awareness about homelessness in North Carolin and raise funds for Genesis Home - a local housing and supportive services program for homeless families - all while training for our first Olympic distance triathlon. Along the way we documented our journey on our blog:

The campaign has been a great success! We raised nearly $6,000 to support Genesis Home's programs and successfully completed a full season of races. Now, Toyota has selected Tri to End Homelessness one of their 10 finalists in the Engines of Change Power of Spot contest! Your vote - and the vote of your readers - can help determine the winner.

Voting information is available at:

Of course, winning any of the contest's prizes would be wonderful -- BUT the opportunity to highlight the issue of homelessness and lives Genesis Home is changing every day would be even more valuable.

Thank you for considering this request to highlight our work on Have Fun*Do Good. Throughout 2007, we've done just that!

Take care,
Robyn Fehrman
Durham, NC
If you are an individual reader who is having fun and doing good, email me your story with a photo to britt AT Please include "Reader Spotlight" in the subject line. I can't promise I will highlight your work, like a said, a girl's gotta work, but I'll try.


  1. Thanks so much Britt!

  2. Your blog is awesome and you too are awesome! Just felt the need to say that (hehe) Plus your work is simply great! I don't want to boast on and on you really did a good job formatting this blog!


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