Friday, February 08, 2008

Pie Ranch, Sugar High Friday and A Pie That Evokes Your Dreams

One of the best parts of the movie Waitress is the names that Jenna (played by Keri Russell) gives the pies she makes like, "Falling-in-Love Chocolate Mousse Pie."

Inspired by the film, Rachel of Vampituity is asking people to create a Pie That Evokes Your Dreams for February's food blogging event, Sugar High Friday, and to help support the dreams of the nonprofit, Pie Ranch, in the process.

Pie Ranch is a Bay Area nonprofit that teaches urban youth about food and farming:
"We have planted wheat for pie crusts and berries for filling, and are raising bees for honey, goats for milk and chickens for eggs on a 14-acre parcel above the historic Steele Ranch at Green Oaks Creek. In 2005, we began our youth education programs, inviting school groups out to experience a working farm. Through hands-on collaboration, teenagers discover new competencies that benefit them as individuals and in community."
In addition to the pie-shaped ranch, they also have a cafe in San Francisco's Mission District, Mission Pie, where they sell pies and teach youth job skills.

Sugar High Fridays were created by The Domestic Goddess in 2004. The last week of every month, food bloggers send in dessert recipes based on a theme. Check out the yummy collection of recipes from when the theme was, The Proof is In the Pudding.

To participate in The Pies That Evoke Your Dreams Project during this month's Sugar High Friday, create a pie that embodies your dreams, and post about it on your blog.

All participants are asked to include the following text in their post:
"Sound delicious? Make a contribution to a nonprofit helping to transform the world of food through pie: Pie Ranch. Please specify 'Pie Ranch/Green Oaks Fund' in the Designation field of the online donation form. Pie Ranch is fiscally sponsored by the Rudolph Steiner Foundation."
Email a link to your post, a thumbnail image, your name, the country where you live, and one sentence about your pie to Vampituity by Friday, February 22, 2008 at pies (at) rachel (dot) wattlink (dot) net with "Pie Entry" as your subject line.

The round-up of pie posts will be published on Vampituity on February 29, 2008.

Coincidentally, I found The Pies That Evoke Dreams Project on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I received an email from Rachel of Vampituity asking me to post about her project. She explained that she was inspired by the Mission Pie she'd had last year at Net Tuesday San Francisco, an event I produce for NetSquared. ""Just writing to let you know about the ripples," she said.

If you wonder if the small things you do to make the world a better place make a difference, they do, but you may never know how.

Photo Credit: All for A Good Cause by Kellan on Flickr. C


  1. What a sweet post Britt. Indeed, many of the differences we each make in each other's lifes are unknown until we take time to recognize them- though sounds like serendipity was already at work in our day and day after case! Thanks for the support and let's make and have some PIE!

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM

    What a great idea and that movie was very cute! Sitting here on a Thursday morning, the sound of these wonderful pies is making me hungry!

    Thanks for sharing the information, =)


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