Friday, May 23, 2008

Changebloggers List + Wanna Meetup?

A couple weeks ago I asked you and the Have Fun * Do Good Facebook group for suggestions for Changebloggers, people who are using their blog, podcast or vlog to raise awareness, build community, and/or facilitate readers/listeners/viewers' taking action to make the world a better place.

You all sent in a ton of great suggestions and many of you are interested in meeting up in some way.

Below is a list of your Changeblogger suggestions, plus a few of my own.

In terms of organizing a way for Changebloggers to meet and connect, what do you think the next steps should be? Should it be virtual, or in person? In one place or multiple? A conference or unconference? Lemme know and keep adding to the Changeblogger list in the comments of this post, by emailing me at, or using the tag, "changeblogger".

Update 5/25/08: Based on an idea by Tim Zimmermann of Change/Wire, I started a Changeblogger Facebook group as a place for folks to connect and organize.

Update 7/14/08 SocialButterfly has created a Changeblogger wiki where you can list your blog, Twitter feed, etc.


All Day Buffet: Full on GOOD
A Million Ideas for Peace
Always Learning
Bag Quest
The Bamboo Project
Barriers, Bridges and Books
Beth's Blog
Blogging on Purpose
Change / Wire
CharityFocus blog
The Edublogger
Epic Change
Fake Plastic Fish
Future Leaders in Philanthropy: FLiP
Gaia Community blogs
Geistweg Genocide
The Giving Hands
Idealist blog
Make Something Happen
NTEN blog
Public Sector Marketing 2.0
Pulse and Signal
The Serendipity Factor
Social Media for Social Change
So What Can I Do?
Spare Change
TED blog
TED talks (video)
Tri to End Homeless
Up with Women (they've requested help with improving their blog)
What Gives?

*Changeblogger Lists & Directories*

Best Green Blogs
BlogHer's Blogroll of Social Change and Nonprofit Blogs
Corey Pudhorodsky/501c3Cast's Bloglines

Bloggers Unite (online)
Carnival for Change (online)
We Media Conference (face-to-face)

Big Carrot's Blogging for a Cause


  1. I think I am a changeblogger:!

  2. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Thanks, Britt, for including us in your list, and thanks too for the links to many of our peers whom I haven't yet met.

    Perhaps we could set up some sort of blog improvement group. We could each read 3 recent posts of a fellow blogger and offer feedback from a reader's perspective. Just a thought. I, for one, could use all the help I can get. Alternatively, we could all focus on a new blog(s) each month or quarter (like a book club of sorts), and have an online conversation about what we can learn from the featured bloggers.

    I'd love a real-time in-person unconference , but am just not certain that would be possible for us given our location and the expense of travel.

    Thanks again!

  3. Our blog is volunteer-led (+ a few Mando posts) focused on community change! Go to

    Director, Hands On Central Texas

  4. Hey Britt, been backlogged with my Google Reader and missed the mark to be on the changebloggers list, but as you know, Shaping Youth is CLEARLY a vehement voice in that arena to shift toward the positive and use the power of media for good. Add us if ya can!

  5. As for F2F vs. virtual, I say 'both!'

    Meetup idea-wise, I like the concept of piggybacking on this 8-8-08 Nations of Service event to do SOMEthing locally in each of our regions and spread the collaborative resources...

    The more we can 'pay it forward' with our varied ideas, causes, and 'best practices' the faster the 'stickiness' of change takes hold!

    Amy Jussel
    Founder/Exec. Dir.
    (media/marketing's impact on kids)

  6. Based on an idea by Tim Zimmermann of Change/Wire, I started a Changeblogger Facebook group as a place for folks to connect and organize.

  7. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Wow! This list is impressive and so are the ideas of those who have commented. I am off to bed fully motivated for this next week of changeblogging. Also thanks for including SocialButterfly on your list.

    3 THINGS

    1. I really like Stacey Monk's idea, as well as shaping youth.

    2. On my blog I posted a list of social marketing/non-profit conferences and events. I also have a Blogger Neighborhood series where many from this list have been featured, and I encourage anyone from the list to nominate themselves or others too.

    3. I'm always interested in both F2F and virtual. As a starter, is there a way to get a Twitter list of fellow Changebloggers? Perhaps, we can start meeting in small groups in our various cities or when we travel to new ones. Also, I offer up to join the group to learn about 'meetups' in cities. Perhaps, we should start a changebloggers meetup?

    Alright, over and out,

  8. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Thanks for the mention. I suggest we start a wiki (I can set it up) and post that list you started. Each person can add their name and city beside each blog title. We can then figure out where we all are to see if in-person meet-ups make sense. I can add a column for people to enter their online virtual conference software of choice along with their usernames (Skype, Oovoo, etc...).
    It would be a good start anyway. Let me know what you think.

  9. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Thanks for including Idealist on the list, Britt! I would definitely be up for a Changebloggers Meetup in Washington, DC, and/or one at the BlogHer conference in San Francisco this July.

  10. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Hey all! Let's make room to meet at the 2009 NTC in San Francisco. Britt - let's make sure to organize an affinity group for bloggers!

  11. Hi! Do I count?

  12. This is beyond wonderful. We now have a classification!

    So, since I'm now bridging social media with traditional PR strategy, it occurs to me that one of the best uses of our time is (behold!) pitch the press with calls for change.

    Sure, we reach a lot of people online, but it might be an echo chamber. Since journalists do turn to bloggers more and more, what do we have to say? What do we want to call attention to most? It could be the makings of a fully integrated media campaign.

  13. I think this list is great. But I was wondering if we can set up some system of rating to rate these blogs. Nobody has the time to read 30-40 blogs each day, but if the community picks some of the best blogs than it would be easier, plus this will give more credibility to authors.

    Michael Loban
    Social Entrepreneurship Digest Editor

  14. SocialButterfly you blog is full of great resources!

    A Twitter pack and Meetup groups are great ideas.

    There are some do-good packs already. Do you think it would seem redundant? I am already a member of I use it to organize Net Tuesday for NetSquared. I'm traveling for the next little bit, but will set something up when I get back. Great ideas!

  15. Mike - I would LOVE it if you started a wiki. Are you up for monitoring it for SPAM too?

    Julia - there will be a meetup of changeblogHers at BlogHer this year. Beth Kanter and I will be at the, "Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Up: Green/Social Change" on Friday, July 18th at the BlogHer Conference in San Francisco along with BlogHer Green Editor, Green LA Girl.

    ntenhross - It would be cool to have a meetup at NTEN in SF in 2009. Did the nonprofit blogging affinity group meet this year? Do you think creating a changeblogger affinity group would conflict with that affinity group? Should they be combined?

    Qui- Can you say more about "pitch the press with calls for change." How would that work? Are you thinking that a large group of bloggers will cover one topic and then call journalists' attention to it?

    Michael - I'm not as into ratings at the moment as I am in creating a community. You could create a Changeblogger list on Squidoo that would allow people to rate them. also has lists of good, education, green and nonprofit blogs that they think are the "top" in the field.

  16. Anonymous1:59 AM

    Hi. I love the idea of a Twitter pack and any other ways to engage virtually - because I'm in London and can't make the meet ups!

    Are any of you using Friendfeed non profit rooms?


  17. Rachel-I recently joined the
    nptech friendfeed

    Would you want to set up a changeblogger friend feed?

  18. Anonymous8:54 PM

    The Changeblogger Wiki is up and running. Add your name to the list of changebloggers, your twitter, your location, events you know of and ideas for future community gathering and uses.

  19. Thanks for setting this up socialbutterfly! I'm excited to see what evolves from the space.

  20. I love your idea, Stacey, to set up a blog improvement group. I'm a newbie at his and would appreciate all the feedback I can get.

    My blog is, which focuses on improving mainstream attitudes to special needs individuals.


  21. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I have been looking for a list of "changebloggers" for quite sometime. I am what you would call an amateur change blogger. Thanks

  22. Hi Elle,

    I hope you'll join the Changeblogger Network and list it on the wiki:

  23. Please list me as a Changeblogger! and

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