Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Join the Changeblogger Wiki!

In May, I wrote a post asking for suggestions for Changebloggers, people who are using their blog, podcast or vlog to raise awareness, build community, and/or facilitate readers/listeners/viewers' taking action to make the world a better place.

Your responses resulted in a long list of Changebloggers and lots of suggestions for how we can connect (i.e. wiki, Twitter, face-to-face meetups, online meetups, etc.).

SocialButterfly has run with some your suggestions, and set up a Changebloggers wiki. Hooray!

She is setting up pages for Changebloggers to list:
Blogs, podcasts, vlogs, Twitters and locations
Logo contest
And more!

I hope you'll join the wiki, and if you have questions about how it works, email SocialButterfly at socialbutterfly4change@gmail.com, or "tweet" her at @socialbttrfly

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  1. Alex, aka SocialButterfly11:36 AM

    Thanks Britt. I think the whole goal is to drive more online community --> offline.

    To, as your blog states, have fun and do good....only do it together. =)



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