Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reading & Blogging for Darfur with Maw Books Blog

In a time when the conditions in Darfur are worsening, Maw Books Blog is leveraging her more than 20,000 monthly visitors to raise awareness about Darfur.

For the month of September, blogger Natasha Maw will be Reading & Blogging for Darfur. Her campaign is a combination of reviewing books and movies about Darfur on her blog, as well as contributing money to organizations like the International Rescue Committee for the books she reads, and the posts she writes. She will also contribute money for the books you read, and the posts and comments you write. You can learn about all the ways you can get involved on Maw Books Blog.

Maw's idea seems to have resonated with her readers and other bloggers. Her first post, The Big Announcement is Here: Reading & Blogging for Darfur, has 97 comments.

In "Some Recommended Reading About Darfur," The Inside Cover says that even though she just started grad school, she will be joining the campaign and reading The Devil Came on Horseback: bearing witness to the genocide in Darfur, The Translator: A tribesman's memoir of Darfur, Not on our Watch, and Darfur: A Short History of a Long War.

In "Reading & Blogging for Darfur: Let's Raise Awareness," Sam's Book Blog writes, "I'm committing to blogging about this (as you can already see), adding the button to my sidebar (next on my to do list), and reading a book (or two or three) about Darfur. Hopefully even donating some money."

The Literate Housewife Review will donate 10 cents for each person who comments on Maw Books' announcement saying that she sent you her way.

Amber Stults writes in "Reading & Blogging for Darfur," "I thought this was a unique awareness and fund raising idea. In the future, I may need to borrow some of her ideas for a future CorgiAid fund raiser." I had the same thought (not for a CorgiAid fundraiser, but you know what I mean). It might be an interesting twist to add to NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).

Looking through Maw's list of Darfur book and film recommendations, I would also add What is the What by Dave Eggers about a refugee from the Sudanese civil war. Although it isn't specifically about Darfur, it helps to understand the roots of it.

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