Wednesday, December 03, 2008

10 Lists of Holiday Gifts That Give Back

According to the recent Chronicle of Philanthropy article, Americans Rate Charity Gifts a Priority This Holiday Season, a study conducted for World Vision by Harris Interactive found that 84% percent of people surveyed, "would prefer to receive a gift that would benefit someone else rather than a traditional present, such as clothing or electronics."

When I posted my list of 10 Holiday Gifts That Give Back last year, there weren't many lists like it, but now there are tons! Instead of creating my own 2008 list, I thought I'd do a roundup of some of the lists I've found. Please include links in the comments to any lists I've missed, as well as your own gifts that give back ideas.
  1. 2008 Charitable Holiday Shopping Guide, Part 1 on The Vibe.
    (There will be a Part 2 & 3).
  2. Holiday Gift Guide on Echoing Green's Spark blog.
  3. Gifts That Give Back from posted on
  4. Christmas Gifts That Give Back on An Untraditional Home.
  5. Beautiful Gifts That Give Back on The Coveted.
  6. Gifts That Give Back - Charitable Gifts in Marie Claire.
  7. Let Charity Begin at Home This Holiday Season on Cafe Mom
  8. Giving Gifts That Give Back in Conscience Choice
  9. Charity Christmas Gifts That Give Back on Quick and Simple.
  10. Lucky's Favorite Holiday Gifts That Give Back in the TODAY holiday guide.
One more list to check out is the Give List. The Give List, started by Allison Fine of the Social Citizens Blog and Marnie Web of ext337, is a site that aggregates ways you can contribute to nonprofit organizations without writing a check, or buying anything. Anyone can add to the Give List by tagging an idea with #givelist on Twitter, or with "givelist" (without the quotation marks) on de.licio.ous. Some of the ideas that have already been contributed are Recycle for United Cerebal Palsy, Holiday Mail for Heroes, and GoodSearch.

Image Credit: Screenshot from Heifer International Online Gift Catalog.
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  1. You may also be interested in the Holiday Gift Guide for Social Entrepreneurs:

  2. Thanks for posting this, Jill. I almost included it in the roundup, but decided to use ones of more general interest. Glad to have it here for people to check out!

  3. It's great that these gift alternatives exist. Giving to organizations in the name of others is one of the most practical ways we can take social action and raise awareness about a particular social problem.

    One of the more interesting giving campaign I've come across is Ashoka's ( Give the Gift of Change campaign. You can actually give memberships to your friends and family (plus Ashoka sends them a set of social entrepreneurship postcards and a GOOD magazine subscription). You can give the gift here:

  4. Reason to Give- Great place to do your holiday shopping

    Reason to Give is an online storefront where you can shop for families in need.

    Go online, watch videos of families telling their stories and with one click you can purchase specific items for them or donate to a holiday gift card pool and let the families buy their own dinner or presents.

    Plus all the retailers that Reason to Give purchases from are fair trade, eco-friendly, and donate all or part of their profit to charity, so every purchase does twice the good.

    Oh yeah- you also get a free Give t-shirt (organic cotton) or tote when you donate, which you can have sent as a gift to someone else as well.

    It's a really unique sight - I am going to purchase a few items in my friends names as part of their gift this year and give them the free t-shirts!

  5. Thanks for the additional ideas The No Torture Campaign and shannonmedic.


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