Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Creating a Career with Impact: Share Your Story with Echoing Green

Echoing Green is looking for stories about creating a career with impact for their second book. Their first book, Be Bold: Create a Career with Impact, profiled the work of Echoing Green Fellows. Now they want to hear your story, or the story of someone you know:
"The focus of the book, and therefore the focus of the stories, is a suggestion that the practice of listening to your heart and harnessing those messages to the messages of your head (where patterns are discerned, options are evaluated, and strategies are formed) leads to a special form of action (hustle) that drives a life of meaningful impact. We want stories that illustrate specific, relatable examples of making sense of confusing signals in order to find clarity and direction in the early stages of career formation – particularly in unexpected ways."
You can find more information about the project, and how to apply at www.echoinggreen.org/be-bold/call-for-stories.

You can also listen to Lara Galinsky, Echoing Green's Vice President of Strategy & Communications, on the Be Bold Podcast (which I host) talking about why they wrote the first book, why they are writing the second book, and what kind of stories they are looking for.

Don't be shy. Send in your story!

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  1. I have written an story which is about the the fantacy and fiction so can I send these type or genre too?


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