Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Be Bold Podcast: Create a Career with Impact Episode 11

A new episode of Echoing Green's Be Bold Podcast: Create a Career with Impact is up for your listening pleasure. Lara Galinsky, the Senior Vice President of Echoing Green offers advice to two listeners (questions below) about creating a career with impact. I'm the show's host.

You can listen to the program online on Echoing Green, subscribe via iTunes, or listen to it on the little player below.

Send in your questions about how to create a career with impact to bebold@echoinggreen.org.

Question 1: I'd hibernated for twenty years as a home maker and due to changed circumstances that I found myself in I had to pursue a career to bring up my children all by myself. I was successful in this endeavor and have also completed an eight year stint in the social sector. I now want to set up my own nonprofit organization that will create resources for women, as well as help them set goals for themselves and become self-reliant. Where can I seek start-up funds for such an organization?

Question 2: Does an organization have to be nonprofit, or not-for-profit to be considered a social entrepreneurship project?

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  1. Daniel7:26 AM

    In this economy, I think it's important to do what you're doing – entrepreneurship with a social conscience.

    According to the USA Today, “57% [of entrepreneurs] say they work “always” or “most of the time” on official holidays. Just 31% of total adults answered the same way… Slightly more than 60% of small-business owners say they toil six or seven days per week, while only 22% of the general population say they work that much.”

    However, they reap the rewards of their hard work, as I'm sure you know. It's a trade-off.

    In case you want to check that quote, you can check their website or view the recent Newsy story about Entrepreneurship, which has a number of other expert opinions on the subject.


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