Friday, September 04, 2009

I Love National Parks, Don't You?

My husband and I love National Parks. Before we were married, we spent several Christmases in Yosemite. We got engaged at the Grand Canyon at the beginning of a road trip across the Southwest where we visited Zion, Arches and Goblin Valley (a very cool State Park). We visited the Channel Islands during our honeymoon, and camped and kayaked there for a couple nights to celebrate my husband's 40th birthday. On our wish list of parks to visit next are Acadia, Redwood and Hawai'i Volcanoes.

As you can imagine, I'm super excited about Ken Burns' new documentary, The National Parks: America's Best Idea, premiering on PBS September 27th (our wedding anniversary!). You can watch a video of Ken Burns talking about the series on

The Sierra Club will provide you with a free one-hour sneak-peak DVD if you host a house party to screen the series for your friends on Sunday, September 20th. (The deadline to sign up is September 13).

Also, if you live near a National Park, or other national public land, you can volunteer to clean up and improve it on September 26th, National Public Lands Day.

For more information about National Parks, check out the National Parks Service and the National Parks Foundation (they have a Twitter feed too, @GoParks).

Also, get inspired for your next National Park trip by viewing the photos from HuffPost Readers' Favorite National Parks, and Top Ten Best National Parks You Don't Know About.

What are your favorite National Parks?

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Photos: My husband and I in the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and the Channel Islands.

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  1. I can't wait for this show either. Britt, be sure to put Rocky Mountain and Glacier Parks on your list as well.

  2. Landscapes of the soul. I'll never forget the sense of the sacred after seeing the grand canyon for the first time.

  3. Guerilla Giving - I'd like to go back to the Grand Canyon (:

  4. Acadia and Volcanoes are both wonderful--don't miss them! I don't know that our kids will ever know that vacations can exist outside of National Parks! Thanks for sharing--I'm so glad that you're in my RSS feed--reminding me that caring about justice is a big part of what (I hope!) makes me fun. Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for the kind words, Melinda (:


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