Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Please Keep Your Ideas for The Have Fun Do Good Guide Coming

I want to thank all of the have fun do gooders who responded to my request for Feedback on the Have Fun Do Good Guide last month.

I'd love to hear more of your ideas in the comments, or if you feel shy, email me at britt AT brittbravo DOT com.

Below are some of the things you said you would like to see in the HFDG Guide:

Ways to have fun and do good for:
  • Families
  • People who have financial constraints
  • People who have time restraints
  • People with physical disabilities, or who are homebound
  • People who want to take it to a deeper level
Ideas that are:
  • Relevant
  • Innovative
  • Applicable to everyday life
  • Drawn from developing countries
Information about:
  • Why do good?
  • Why have fun?
  • Other people having fun and doing good
  • Additional resources (i.e. books, websites)
Thanks again for all of your ideas! Keep 'em coming.

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