Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Good TV: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

My favorite TV show right now is Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Yes, it has reality show moments (really, did the high school students have to cook a meal for 80 people after a week of training?), but its message is clear: we need to return to eating real (unprocessed) food, and to cooking from scratch.

The show takes place in Huntington, West Virginia, one of the country's "fattest" and "unhealthiest" cities. During the episodes I've watched so far, Oliver worked with one elementary school, one high school, and one family to replace the tremendous amounts of processed food they eat with fresh, home-cooked food.

Seeing so many unhealthily overweight people (one adolescent is already showing the early signs of diabetes, another has spots on her liver) is disturbing, but knowing that a solution is within reach--eating real food--makes it an exciting program to watch. I also love cooking, so watching other people, especially young people, get jazzed about cooking, is fun to see.

I'd really like the show to stay on the air, and for the project to grow to other cities, so I'm encouraging you to watch it, and if you like it, to tell others about it.

You can view the three previously aired episodes of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution online (for free) on ABC, and catch the remaining three on Fridays 9/8c.

If you've already watching the show, what do you think of it?

Below is a 2-minute video about, "5 Things You Need to Know - Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution"

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  1. Thanks for this great post. I've been following this discussion of school lunch, and am fascinated by what is happening. I remain hopeful that not only will school lunches become more healthy, but that efforts to source local growers and producers will become ever easier. Thanks again!

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  3. Hi Joan!

    I'm glad you liked the post. I'm looking forward to seeing the newest episode on Friday. Will you be watching it too?

  4. I have not seen the show...though what an important message! I was in the San Juan Islands recently where the children on Lopez island grow all the food for their school lunches in school/community gardens. The HS students prepare it as part of chef/food prep classes...AND all the produce,dairy and meats are local, organic and unprocessed. Kudos. May the consciousness spread!

  5. I too am really enjoying this show! I can now honestly say I will not be eating any more chicken nuggets...lol. I love the concept about the show so much that I have started a blog carnival based on it! I would love for you join!

  6. This is a great post, and an even better cause/show. It is sad to me how the youth of today are bombarded with commercials for junk food. They may think that these unhealthy choices are their only option, but there are many healthier options out there.

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