Saturday, January 01, 2011

Your 7 New Year's Dreams for 2011 (Free Worksheets)

Happy New Year Have Fun, Do Gooders!

The hubs illustrated 8 worksheets you can use to record your 2011 dreams.  You can download them (for free) from Dropbox at

How to Use Your DreamTree Worksheets

The first page has your DreamTree on it, blossoming with colorful eggs, where you can write words and phrases that capture your dreams for 2011.

You'll also notice three gray balloons floating off into the distance.  Sometimes we have to let go of old dreams, to make room for new ones.  You can jot the dreams you're willing to let go of this year inside the gray balloons.

Finally, the remaining 7 pages are close-ups of the colored eggs.  We figured you'd need more space to make a to-do list, or to describe your dream in words or images.

If you'd like help filling in your DreamTree, I'm offering a special 2011 New Year's discount of  $20.11 off one-hour of Big Vision Consulting when you use the discount code DREAMTREE2011 between now and January 11, 2011.

Have fun!

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  1. Britt-a beautiful idea with beautiful are two are creative collaborators. PU-Dad/Tom

  2. I like this DREAMTREE. Is interesting. But the price is too big for me.

  3. Hi aditza ~

    You can download the dreamtree for free (no cost) at

  4. Oh , thanks! I'll check.

  5. Thanks, Dad! I'm glad you like it (:


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