Thursday, April 07, 2011

Blogging for Writers in Berkeley

Bay Area Writers and Have Fun, Do Gooders!

Just wanted to let you know that I'll be teaching my Blogging for Writers workshop May 15th from 10 AM-4 PM in the cozy Writing Salon classroom at the Strawberry Creek Design Center in Berkeley.

The workshop is great for newbies, and for folks who want to breathe new life into an old blog. You'll receive a 40-page workbook which we'll use to discuss and do in-class exercises about how to:
  • Join the "blogosphere" without having a blog
  • Set goals and realize your blog's purpose
  • Find your audience
  • Create juicy blog posts
  • Select your blogging platform
  • Choose your blog's features and functions
  • Build traffic and community
  • Measure impact
  • Budget your time
If you have any questions about the class, feel free to email me at britt AT brittbravo DOT com.  You can register on the Writing Salon website.

If you'd love to take the class, but don't live in the Bay Area, you can join my Juicy Blogging e-course June 1-22nd.

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