Monday, March 19, 2012

Mapping Your Path One Image at a Time

Have you ever had one of those, When Things Fall Apart, times in your life? I think I'm in one right now.  A blank page can be both exciting, and terrifying, so I'm filling mine with images.

Inspired by things I learned in Lisa Sonora Beam's visual journaling workshop a couple years ago, and by my recent interview with Christine Mason Miller for the Arts and Healing Podcast, I've been pasting at least one image a day in a big 'ole journal.  I choose the images intuitively, whatever stands out and "sparkles" that day.

As I flip through my pages of images, I can see repeating images and themes that give me a glimpse into possible new directions.  Stepping stones on a new path.

What tools have you used to help you find your way during times of transition?

Images are from my visual journal.


  1. wow...this is amazing. i've been doing the same thing this month, except i've been posting my photos on tumblr (and my journal). the template i'm using also provides an "archive" page, so all the photos are displayed on a grid, so the emergence of themes has been a revelation and reminder of my core. my intention was visually inspired writing, and so far, my writing has been more poetic than i expected. thanks for this affirmational post, britt!

  2. Hi Tanya,

    Synchronicity! We must be tapping into an idea floating around the collective unconscious.

    What a good idea to put the images on Tumblr. Have you kept the blog private, or are you sharing it with others?

  3. i'm keeping it private, especially since my intention was to create a "play blog" to reveal the next chapter in my blogging process. it has been such a personal unraveling process, and i want it to be as authentic and playful as possible--without any pressure. i'm having a blast! :)

  4. I've always been into journaling. More of the text kind both in hard copy and online. I have to admit that visual journaling--through pictures/photos is such a welcome new concept for me. Yes this would be good to do on tumblr or pinterest or on a scrapbook.

  5. Hi Tanya ~ I totally understand about keeping it private.

    Non-profit website ~ Yes, Pinterest would be a fun and easy way to do it too, if you don't mind that it's public.


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