Friday, October 17, 2008

Internet Strategy on the Cheap: Tools and Resources

Tomorrow, October 18th, Eric Leland of Leland Design, and I will be presenting about, "Internet Strategy on the Cheap" at the San Francisco Bay Area Nonprofit Boot Camp.

We've compiled a list of Tools and Resources to share with participants, and thought that you might enjoy seeing it as well. This is by no means a comprehensive list, so please add your suggestions in the comments!

All of the Nonprofit Boot Camp sessions will be recorded and available on the Craigslist Foundation's Nonprofit Boot Camp Podcast.

Update: The presentation slides are available on FivePaths.


Places to find reviews of tools and training

Web Site Hosting

Domain name registration

CMS (Content Management System)


Online Donations


Donations and mailing lists


Manage and/or Advertise Events

Blogging Platforms

Podcasting Hardware

  • Olympus Digital Recorders $125-$200 on Amazon
  • Samson Zoom H4 Handy Digital Recorder. About $270 on Built-in mike
  • MicroTrack 2 by M-Audio. About $270 on Amazon. Comes with a microphone, or you can buy a better quality one. Need headphones to monitor sound.
  • Electro-Voice Microphone 635A. Use with MicroTrak. $120 on Amazon
  • Headphones. You can usually use any kind of headphones (Walkman, iPod, etc.). Professionals use Sony Pro MDR-7506 Headphones. About $100 on Amazon.
  • Logitech ClearChat Pro USB Headset. Use when recording with Skype. $42 on Amazon

Skype Podcast Recording Software

Podcasting Editing Software

Podcast Hosting

Copyright Free Music

Photo Sharing

Video Sharing Platforms

Video Camera

Social Networks

Build Your Own Social Network

Microblogging and Social Networking

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  1. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Great list! Let me know when the podcast is up from your presentation. I would love to share it with our network.

  2. Thanks for putting this together! We are always looking for new ways to co-create new ways of changing the world (and the web).

  3. I'm glad its helpful! I'm not sure when the podcast will be up, but the
    presentation slides are available at

  4. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Nice job!

    A few suggestions, if I may:

    For hosting of Ruby on Rails sites:

    For creating simple do-it-yourself sites:

    Event invitations: a much better alternative to evite!

    Mailing Lists:

    And of course, a plug for the site we are involved in:

    Online donations:

    Keep up the great work!

    All my best,

  5. Thanks Britt for this great summary.

    Do you know of a solid, highly-customizable shopping cart system that won't break the bank? It would be nice to allow site shopping with part proceeds going to donation.

    Appreciate it,

  6. Thanks for the additional links, Robert.

    I don't have a good suggestion for you, ServingHim. A great place to ask, and look for answers, is the TechSoup Community Forums:


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