Thursday, October 16, 2008

Be Bold Podcast featuring Lara Galinsky of Echoing Green (and me!)

I'm excited to announce that I'm hosting a new podcast produced by Echoing Green, the Be Bold Podcast. Echoing Green invests in, and supports emerging social entrepreneurs to launch new organizations.

The show features Echoing Green Vice President for Strategy and Communications, Lara Galinsky, answering career questions from listeners. Lara is also the author of Be Bold: Create a Career with Impact.

Take a listen on the player below, on the Echoing Green site, or subscribe via iTunes.


  1. Excellent! As a proud Echoing Green global SEMI-Finalist this year I must say, they rock on the BE BOLD front...

    Shaping Youth didn't make the 'final-final'cut, boohoo, but in all honesty, I was slammed on time in the 11th hour and need to resubmit for the global contest next year...

    This is a PERFECT alliance for you as a partner org to extend their outreach ---They're lucky to have you and vice-versa! Fabulous all around...

    Will subscribe pronto, and blog it on Eco Child's Play too! :-)

  2. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Thanks Britt. It was a lot of fun -looking forward to talking soon.


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