Friday, October 03, 2008

4 Fabulous Nonprofit Marketing Mavens

I'm doing a new consulting gig for Social Actions as their, "Community Interpreter." One of my tasks is to help them rewrite the text on their website. I always think that more heads are better than one, so I asked 4 nonprofit marketing mavens and bloggers if they would take a look at, and share their tips for how Social Actions can communicate and market their mission more effectively. I've posted a roundup of their observations on the Social Actions Blog.

These are some fabulous women who I would recommend for all your nonprofit marketing needs. Give 'em a click:

Nedra Weinreich
From her blog: "Nedra is a consultant, author and speaker who uses social marketing to promote health and social issues for nonprofits and public agencies at Weinreich Communications."

Nancy Schwartz
From her blog: "Nonprofit marketing expert Nancy E. Schwartz is the primary author of the Getting Attention blog and e-newsletter. Nancy also founded and runs Nancy Schwartz & Company, providing results-driven marketing and communications services to nonprofit organization and foundation clients. Specialties include communications planning, message development, online communications innovations (she stays way ahead of the curve to put these tools to work for clients asap), and developing revenue streams for nonprofits."

Kivi Leroux Miller
From her blog: "I love helping small and medium-sized nonprofits communicate more effectively with their members, donors, volunteers and other supporters, so that together, they can make the world a better place. I do that as a blogger, trainer, coach and consultant."

I believe that even the smallest nonprofit staffs with the most modest budgets can achieve tremendous results through savvy marketing and communications. I hope this blog and my online marketing training and other resources encourage you do just that, while helping you grow as a do-it-yourself nonprofit marketer and communications professional."

Katya Andresen
From her blog: "I am profoundly impatient. I spent seven years living in developing countries, and the poverty and tragedy I saw on a daily basis left me with an acute sense of how important it is not just to help people, but to do it really well and really quickly. The child sex slave in Cambodia or the cyclone victim in Madagascar doesn’t have time for us to wordsmith our mission statements or waste time with lackluster fundraising efforts. We have a moral obligation to be extremely efficient and effective at what we do, right this minute. What gets me motivated and energized is to help well-intentioned people to do that every day, through innovative marketing. I strive to do this at Network for Good, where I work, and I sure tried to do it in my book as well."


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  2. A couple of these ladies I've been following regularly, but the others I have now added to my reader...ThanksBritt!


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