Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do Something Now Challenge: Gen Y + Mobile + Volunteering + Community

The Millennials, or Generation Y, want to make a difference. As Tactical Philanthropy's post, Millennials as Social Citizens, observes,
"USA Today reports that they volunteer more than any previous generation, and the Wall Street Journal reports today that corporations are finding that one of the best ways to attract them as employees is to offer them paid time off to volunteer."
They also like to stay connected to their community. As GigaOM's post, Go Mobile Young Millennials, Go Mobile, notes,
"[A] report from In-Stat points out that millennials, the generation aged 8 to 27, use their mobile phones to access their social networks wherever they are."
When you combine young people, a desire to make a difference, cell phones, and community you have the elements of the Do Something Challenge. For almost two months, Do Something, an organization that helps young people make a difference, has been hosting the Do Something Challenge. To participate in the Challenge, young people recruit friends from their community to receive volunteer opportunities via text on their cell phone.

Participants who register 50 or more people will receive prizes based on the number of people they recruit.
  • 50 Recruits: 20 SWAG Sets with Do Something pens, folders and notebooks.
  • 100 Recruits: 20 SWAG Sets and 20 Do Something reusable ecobags.
  • 250 Recruits: 20 SWAG Sets, 20 ecobags, 20 t-shirts, and a $100 pizza party.
  • 1000 Recruits: 20 SWAG Sets, 20 ecobags, 20 t-shirts, a $100 pizza party, and 2 plane tickets to New York City for Do Something Boot Camp.
If you, or someone you know wants to take the Challenge, the deadline is November 1st. For more information, go to www.dosomething.org/challenge

Hat tip to Creativity in Public Relations for their post Volunteering Via Mobile: Dialing Up New Ways To Help.

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