Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Have Fun, Do Good Birthday Fundraiser!

I'm going to be 44 on August 19th (can you believe it?). The 19th is also the 8th anniversary of Have Fun * Do  Good! A big thanks to all of you for reading (:

To celebrate my b-day, I've created a fundraiser on Crowdrise. My first one!

I mentioned last month that I've been doing some Big Vision Consulting for Rockwood Leadership Institute. I've been so impressed with their work, and the transformational impact that their Art of Leadership trainings have had for social change leaders that I am raising money to send one woman from a grassroots organization to their Art of Leadership for Women in Racial Justice and Human Rights in October.

The training brings together women of color and white women leaders who are working for education, immigrant rights, reproductive justice, environmental justice, indigenous communities and other racial justice issues.

Given what happened with the Voting Rights Act in June, the Zimmerman verdict in July, and the existence of things like New York's stop-and-frisk policy, we need leaders working for racial justice and human rights to be able to sustain themselves over the looooooooong haul.

The Art of Leadership training helps social change leaders clarify their life purpose, gives them skills to bring their lives back into balance, and teaches them how to partner and collaborate more effectively.

I'd really appreciate it if you helped me celebrate my 44th birthday, and Have Fun * Do Good's 8th anniversary, by sending a woman leader working for racial justice and human rights to the Art of Leadership.

Thank you!

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