Saturday, December 30, 2006

Five Things I Would Like to Know About You

A week or so ago Jory Des Jardins of Pause tagged me for the meme that is going around, Five Things You Don't Know About Me. I'll list my five and continue the chain by tagging five more bloggers: Beth Kanter, Green LA Girl, Urban Sprouts School Gardens (Abby Jaramillo), HappyKatie, and Vale of Evening Fog, but since Time magazine named the person of the year, you, I would like to know about you, Have Fun * Do Good readers.

Below are five things I would like to know about you. You can answer them in the comments, or if you have a blog, post the answers on your blog, and add a link to your blog from the comments here

1. Where do you live?
2. What do you do to have fun?
3. What do you do to do good?
4. Do you ever combine the two?
5. Do you have a blog, podcast or web site? If so, what is it?

Ok, here is my list of Five Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. My favorite books growing up were Harriet the Spy, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, and My Side of the Mountain. I used to carry around a little notebook, like Harriet, when I was in 5th and 6th grade. When my husband gave me an original copy of Harriet the Spy, I knew I'd found my guy.

2. I love to bake and eat cupcakes, have a collection of cupcake cookbooks, and own many containers and trays to store, transport, give away, and display cupcakes. Some of my favorite places to eat cupcakes are the Teacake Bakeshop in Emeryville, CA, Sprinkles Cupcakes in Los Angeles, CA and the Magnolia Bakery, in New York City. My favorite kind of cupcake is a white or yellow cupcake with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting.

3. I used to want to be an actress. My junior year of high school I was the lead in the play, I Never Saw Another Butterfly, based on the book of the same title, about the children at the Terezin concentration camp. We took it to a state competition, and I won an award for my performance. I took theater classes my first year at Vassar College, but once I became a Sociology major, I stopped. The last storytelling I did was as a teacher with Streetside Stories.

4. I love to watch the Golden Globes and the Oscars.

5. My maiden name is Aageson, which is Norwegian. Since I took my husband's name I am often asked, "Is that your real name?", and now even my closest friends say, "Britt Bravo!" when I answer the phone.

Enough about me. Tell me about you.

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  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    1. Davis, CA
    2. Read, watch movies, ride my 30-year-old Schwinn, listen to live music, spend time with nieces.
    3. Try to spread awareness of causes I care about.
    4. I don't think 'fun' would be the operative word...but I do get great pleasure from spending my energy and time in certain ways.
    5. Several blogs...main one in this comment. Most important other one is Bloggers for Darfur.

    Happy New Year, Britt. So glad to have found your blog through Jory's some time ago. Your blog is a constant source of inspiration. Thank you.

    (P.S. I love to watch the Golden Globes and Oscars, too. This year we'll be rooting for "Little Children"...written and directed by my mate's friend).

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Happy New Year Britt!

    1. Indianapolis, IN
    2. read, blog, play video & board games, watch movies, visit friends
    3. I serve as president of a local civil rights organization, and I work for an organizational management firm (I work with non-profits)
    4. Always.
    5. Yes. I own and run, Indiana's largest LGBT group blog and manage the American Values Alliance site. AVA is about civility and respect in American politics.

  3. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Here's my response

    1. East Coast, eastern Mass
    2. Hike in the nature trail near my house with kids and camera or do crafts with kids
    3. Raise money for Sharing Foundation
    4. Yes -- all the time. I created culture kits in Cambodian - purchasing items like the masks from the mask maker, putting it together in a kit, and selling them to raise money for the sharing foundation
    5. Yes. see link

  4. Thats a great list, I used to be quite attached to a book when I was a kid as well, Have a great 2007! :)

  5. Anonymous9:27 AM

    I'm proud to say I knew all of these things about you!


  6. Anonymous6:14 PM

    1. Vancouver Island, Canada
    2. Photography, Digital Art, Blogging, Travel
    3. Yes, I try to spread awareness through my digital art and blogging and photography
    4. yes!
    5.See my link!
    Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself Britt!

  7. Thanks Marilyn, Bil, Beth and Kate, for introducing yourselves. I hope more Have Fun * Do Good readers will do the same.

    Matt, what was your favorite book?

    Hi EB! (EB, was my roommate in college). How fun to see you online!

  8. 1. Muir Beach, CA
    2. Make art, write, read, garden, bake, hike, laugh with friends, and fish.
    3. I believe in the transformational power of art, and so making my own work, teaching art, and running are all in my mind "doing good" in the world. In addition, I also volunteer within my community.
    4. Yes!
    5. I just started a blog on Jan 1, 2007 -
    My web site for my artwork is


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