Thursday, December 21, 2006

Join Stop Genocide Now's 14 Day Challenge

While thousands of people board planes to visit family and friends during the holidays, Gabriel Stauring and Stacey Martino from Stop Genocide Now will be traveling to the Darfur/Chad border. Starting today, December 21st, they will share stories through daily blog entries and videos.

You can see a video of stories they collected from refugees on the Darfur/Chad border during their last trip here.

As part of this awareness-raising campaign, they have issued a 14-Day Challenge. Every time you click on a day's video on the day it was posted, in the Action description, to the right of the video, there will be one word in bold. That word will remain bold for 24 hours. A new word will be bolded the next day. Viewers are asked to collect all 14 words from the 14 actions and send them to If you get them all correct, you will receive an i-ACTivist e-Certificate. The first 100 participants to send the words (even if they have fewer than 14) will win a free "Humanity Before Politics" T-shirt.

You can watch the video from Day 1 here, which includes an interview with Ann Maymann, Senior Officer of the UN High Commission for Refugees. Today's action is to talk to at least five friends about the situation in Darfur and invite them to spread the word and participate.

You can also post this badge on your blog or web site:

The code is available here.

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Image credit: Camp Kids I by Mark Knobil.


  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Britt, thanks for the tip on this. I posted about their 14-day journey (and blog) this morning at my Bloggers for Darfur site. I'll put the word out about the challenge. Thanks.

  2. Great! Hopefully they will get lots of viewers and supporters


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