Friday, December 29, 2006

Yahoo! for Good

When you try to explain how the Web can be used for social change to a colleague, family member or friend, do they get a glazed and confused look in their eye? Yahoo! for Good has some interesting examples up right now of how their tools can be used for good. Because Yahoo! has been around for a while, and may not sound as mysterious as, RSS or Second Life to your listener, try using some of their examples to start.

Yahoo! Answers, "Raise awareness for your cause."
Example: Al Gore asked, "What do you think it wil take to reverse the effects of climate change?"

Flickr, "Show how rewarding it is to volunteer, to highlight issues that need extra attention, or to show pride in your cause."
Examples: Users' Earthday photos and the LGBT photo pool

YahooGroups, "Start a new group or join an existing group. Discuss issues and events. Organize donations, get-togethers and rallies. Brainstorm innovative ways to benefit your cause."
Examples: Climate Concern's Group and the ONE Campaign's Groups.

Yahoo Messenger Avatars, "Your Yahoo! Messenger Avatar has a huge wardrobe of clothes to choose from. So why not choose one that raises awareness for your favorite cause?"
Examples: For World AIDS Day, avatars wore shirts with red ribbons and for Breast Cancer Awareness month they wore shirts with pink ribbons. That's "me" above in a ONE campaign shirt.

My Yahoo! for volunteer opportunities, "Add the Community Service module to My Yahoo! now, and VolunteerMatch will hook you up with constantly updated opportunities in your own zip code."

Charity Badges, "Got a cause that's close to your heart? Let your friends and family know about it, and help raise necessary funds at the same time."
Example: Right now Yahoo! is offering a matching grant of up to $50,000 to the nonprofit that gets the most individual donors by December 31st through their Charity Badge. You can see and contribute to the top ten nonprofits in the running here.

This post was originally written for NetSquared.

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