Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Do Good Fraternity

I listen to a few podcasts, UNICEF, Barack Obama, Ebert and Roeper, the ONE Campaign and the 501c3Cast.

I missed the 501c3cast when they took a break over the holidays, but they are back full force with two great shows to start the new year. Their January 3rd show has an interview with Chad Coltrane of Push America. Push America provides ways for members of the fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi to work with and improve the lives of people with disabilities. Having particularly chosen a school with more women than men, and no Greek system, I have to admit that I have certain prejudices against fraternities. I was super impressed by this organization and the work that they do.

They have construction programs that help to build things like ramps and accessible fishing piers, boardwalks, pavilions and playgrounds for families, individuals, organizations and camps, and cycling programs that raise money, promote awareness and do accessible construction.

For every interview that Corey at the 501c3cast does, he ask his interviewee for a quote that keeps them going while they are doing their do*good work. During his January 9th interview with Stefan Ledinger of Kinderjugendkreis, Ledinger read an allegory that I liked a lot:

If you had a bank that would transfer $86,400 dollars to your bank account every morning and would cancel whatever amount was left at the end of the day, what would you do? Of course you would go the bank every day, withdraw all the money and spend it on something useful. Well, you have such a bank, its name is time. Every morning it grants you 86,400 seconds. Every evening, everything you have used for a good cause is cancelled. Nothing is left for the next day. If you do not spend your days' deposit, it is lost and can not be got back. It is up to every one of us to use this treasure of hours, minutes and seconds as good as possible for a high return of health, happiness and success.

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