Friday, January 27, 2006

The Blogging Blahs

Do any of you blog readers or blog writers out there ever get the blogging blahs? Maybe its because its winter or because I'm busy or because I'm hormonally challenged (you know what I am talking about ladies), but I have been having the blogging blahs.

Maybe its because I am reading too many blogs (I have 92 feeds in my Bloglines account, eek) and am experiencing what sometimes happens to me when I go to a big bookstore and I think, is there really that much to say? Shouldn't people be spending a little more time outside?

Maybe its because I chose to write about Have Fun * Do Good and sometimes I feel like writing about Be Grumpy * Be Selfish.

The irony, is I have all these great projects coming up that I want to tell you about. Things are rolling along nicely at NetSquared and I'll have some new ways for folks to get involved with that to share soon. I am going to start blogging as a volunteer editor of nonprofit women bloggers at Blogher starting Monday along with Beth Kanter and Nancy White, which I am really excited about. If you are nonprofit woman blogger, please send us your URL so we can include you in our blogroll. Later next month I'll be mentoring some young bloggers along with Beth Kanter, as part of the Young Caucasus Women Project. Having worked with young people in a writing program for such a long time at Streetside, I am hankering to be doing that kind of work again. And I'll also be participating in a link exchange as part of the Nonprofit Blog Exchange next month as well. Lots of great stuff.

Now that I've told you about my blahs, I feel a little better and maybe I'll just have to mix it up with some Be Grumpy * Be Selfish posts to keep it interesting.


  1. you could always start a second more personal blog all about your dark side!

  2. Anonymous11:37 AM

    I remember experiencing something in the early days of the Internet/Web - in 1992 or so - I called Web Ennui ... it always happened around May when it was time to spend more time outside ... maybe its those harsh New England winters.

    I also suffered from getting out of the habit and not blogging for chunks of time. This used to happen every 4-6 months from about 2001-2005. It happens sometimes right after an unplugged vacation.

    I remember the first big drop was after the thrill of the first four months -- then I crashed and burned out. You'll see holes in my typepad blog and if I had kept my early blogger experiments, you'd see holes there too . . . .

    I took about six months off when my daughter arrived because I just wasn't online or working at all.

    Also get the overwhelmed thing - the impact of too much information hitting my brain. Then some ADD like behavior emerges - I flit from one thing to another and can't focus or concentrate. That's when I walk away and exercise - a spin or five mile run or laps in the pool at the gym - or do something creative like make art ...

    I also keep a lot of posts in the pipeline for when I hit a dry spell, no muse, not inspiration ... and I also have some posts already written, but not yet published to be published at a later date when I have nothing to say or there is a snow day ... (hard to write when there's a voice screaming mommy let's play in the snow..)

    Here's a good article with some tips for blogger productivity

  3. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Whew - you are trying to pull off a lot.


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