Sunday, February 26, 2006

REALLY Hot Women

While surfing for some more BlogHers to add to the Nonprofit and NGO BlogHer blogroll, I came across the REAL hot 100: See How Hot Smart Can Be.

The REAL hot 100 is a list featuring young women from around the country who are breaking barriers, fighting stereotypes, and making a difference in their communities or the nation.

The REAL hot 100 will compile a list of young women who are REALLY hot, and publish it, in magazine format, timed to coincide with Maxim’s release next year. Anyone can nominate a young woman who is REALLY hot, and The REAL hot 100 selection committee will choose 100 women that best represent the intelligence, drive and diversity of young women in the U.S.

Here are a few profiles of REALLY hot women :

Rachel Burton, 31, Pittsboro, NC:
What makes her REALLY hot? Rachel can teach you how to make biodiesel, how to convert your car to run on straight vegetable oil, and how to fix your car too. Rachel is a mechanic, former union organizer, belly dancer, and was one of the co-founders of the Chapel Hill chapter of Food Not Bombs. She has also taught automotive technology, and sustainable building and agriculture and has traveled to agricultural conferences and led workshops on cob/bale building.

Yas(min) Ahmed, 25, Chicago, IL
What makes her REALLY hot? Yas is the Director of Sisters Empowering Sisters (the girls program of Girl’s Best Friend Foundation). Yas defines her role in Sisters Empowering Sisters (SES) as adult ally to the dozen Sisters (ages 14-18) who’ve joined the program to make feminist social change, as grantmakers and as youth leaders. One of the projects she helped create was an investigation of the impact of images of women in popular music videos on young women and young men. Their findings are captured in a video they made last year with Beyondmedia Education, Respect Me, Don’t Media Me

Anne Elizabeth Moore, 35, Chicago, IL
What makes her REALLY hot? Anne publishes the independent magazine Punk Planet and also wrote a book called Hey Kidz, Buy This Book: A Radical Primer on Corporate and Governmental Propaganda and Artistic Activism for Short People (Soft Skull Press, 2004) and another called Stop Reading This: A Manifesto for Radical Literacy (Seattle Research Institute, 2004).

I think we all know a REALLY hot woman we can nominate

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