Saturday, July 29, 2006

How Has Blogging Changed Your World?

The first whole group session of Day 2 of BlogHer was, “How Has Blogging Changed your World?”

The first woman to speak was Cooper Monroe, one of the bloggers who created The Being There Clearing House. When Hurricane Katrina hit, she and her blogging partner decided to write a post asking their readers to post items in the comments section that they could donate to Katrina survivors. Within two days, they went from being mommybloggers to running a relief agency, and from 200-300 readers a day to 20,000. The site continues today and has expanded to areas like Pittsburg, where Katrina survivors have been re-located. Monroe closed by saying, "I learned that women bloggers can change the world."

Mary Hodder, founder of Dabble and Napsterization blogger said, "Blogging gives you the confidence to believe that you can take an aspiration and make it real.”

Food blogger, Egg Beater, who is a professional chef, said, “Blogging has gotten me out of the kitchen. . . . I consider food to be really political. It has to do with race, class and culture. . . . .Food is something that binds us all. We all have to eat no matter how much we make, or the color of our skin.” Check out her May 1st A Day Without An Immigrant National Protest post.

Finally, 80-year-old blogger Millie Garfield, who writes My Mom's Blog by Thoroughly Modern Millie, said that blogging has changed her routine. She used to get up every day and read the Boston Globe and have a cup of coffee. Now she goes straight to the computer, reads her favorite bloggers and checks her comments. “I have friends all over the world,” she said smiling.

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