Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nata Village Blog

Last month Nancy White wrote a post about a very cool fundraising blog, the Nata Village blog, that I want to share with you. The blog documents not only the lives of the people in Nata, but is a tool to raise funds for a support group for residents living with AIDS, an AIDS prevention program where youth use the arts to educate others about AIDS, and the Nata clinic.

Readers can donate directly to the village through the blog's PayPal account.

Nata is a village of 5,000 people in Botswana. According to the blog, 50% of the pregnant women in the village are HIV positive and 400 children have been orphaned by AIDS. Botswana has the second highest HIV infection rate in Africa.

The Nata Village blog was designed and is administered by photographer/vidographer, John Rawlingson, and written by Peace Corps volunteer, Melody Jenkins, and Martha Ramaditse, who was born and raised in Nata.

They also have a Flickr stream and a video blog.

Photo credit: The Nata Village videoblog, Episode 1 by JRAWLS' Photos.


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