Thursday, July 27, 2006

Eat In, Act Out Week July 31 - August 6

The Massachusetts-based nonprofit, the Food Project is putting on it's annual Eat In, Act Out Week, and you can participate! Next Week (July 31st-August 6th) make an effort to, eat in (use local food and cook food yourself instead of going out), and act out (speak up and take action to promote local food).
You can find places selling local food near you through the Local Harvest site, search for Eat In, Act Out events near you, or add your own, on the Eat In, Act Out Frappr Map (pictured above), and read more about the Food Project on their blog.

I've been reading a lot about food lately because earlier this week I had the opportunity to interview Anna Lappé, author of Grub, and co-author, with her mother, Frances Moore Lappé, of Hope's Edge (I'll be posting the interview after I come back from the BlogHer Conference).

Here are are some links from the Community Food Audit form in the back of Grub (you can download it on their web site too) to help you find your local:

* Farmer's market: Sustainable Table
* CSA Farm: Local Harvest and CSA & Robin Van En Center
* Food Coop: Cooperative Grocer
* Grocery Store with Local Foods:
* Organic Meat & Dairy/Egg Provider: Eat Well Guide
* Community Garden: American Community Garden Association
* Elected Officials:
* School Food Resources: Farm to School and Farm to College
* & Other Community Food Resources: Community Food Security Commission

Happy Eating!

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  1. Thanks for this post, I didn't realize there were so many resources for local food. Local Harvest is a great site, I'll be using that often.


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