Friday, October 06, 2006

Fight Hunger Viral Video Contest

In 2006, 760,000 people in 118 countries and 420 locations walked as part of the Walk the World campaign. Now (a project of the UN World Food Program and partners) is launching a Walk the World Viral Video Contest. They are looking for an, "upbeat viral video that spreads the word about ending child hunger by 2015."

Here's how to enter:

"Create your video (no longer than 120 seconds) and submit it to your favourite online video service (such as or Google Videos). Read the contest rules before you submit your entry. The closing date for entries is 15 Dec 2006. Winners will be listed on this site on 29th Dec 2006.

To enter the contest first register and login to the site. Then submit your entry using this webform. If your video is accepted we will send you a confirmation email."

The WFP has a lot of groovy stuff going on on their site:

A blog (except, I can't seem to find its feed to add it to my Bloglines account), a news aggregator (although I'm not sure why this article about The World's Wackiest Hotels is in it), the online game, Foodforce where winning means feeding millions of hungry people in "Sheylan," and a YouTube channel.


  1. Hi Britt!

    Thanks for blogging about us! We really appreciate it.

    Good luck to everybody who will participate in our contest!

    Susanne at Fight Hunger
    Ending Child Hunger by 2015

  2. Hi Britt!

    You can now see the entries we have received so far in our Fight Hunger Viral Video Contest on our site:

    Best wishes,

    Susanne Thörnqvist at


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