Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Art of the Social Web

The theater is what happens in the space between spectator and actor. It is an art form completely dependent upon the creative potential of each audience member in relation to the events on stage. Without a receiver, there is no experience. The receiver completes the circle with his/her own experience, imagination, and creativity--Ann Bogart

The quote above is from Andrew Taylor's post, "The Rise of the Active Audience," from his blog, The Artful Manager. Over a month ago I told Emily from the Nonprofit Blog Exchange that I would participate in the most recent exchange and write about The Artful Manager. Sorry it took me so long Andrew and Emily!

Andrew is the Director of the Bolz Center for Arts Administration, an MBA degree program and research center in the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business. The theme for the upcoming conference of alumni from his program is, 'The Rise of the Active Audience.''

In his post Andrew asks,
How do professional arts organizations foster and encourage participatory practice in our communities, and is that part of their job? How can we rethink even the most professional of experiences as highly interactive? Or are we working along a spectrum of cultural opportunities that demands we focus even more narrowly on our point in that spectrum?
Be sure to share your coments with Andrew here.

Andrew's blog is one of 22 Arts Journal bloggers writing about everything from orchestra management to dance to a visual artist's diary . You can subscribe to an individual's blog, or a feed that includes multiple blogs about one topic, such as theatre.

I alway find interesting new blogs when I participate in the Exchange. Next time I'll take part sooner!

Photo credit: Copilandia-Sevilla-29-12-05-03 by CNT Sevilla.


  1. I always find it fascinating how much information and how much we all have in common when I read different blogs. :)

  2. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I know Andrew from over 12 years ago. He was one of the first to build a web page on an online community for artists called Arts Wire where I was the community builder. He's amazing!

  3. I remember Arts Wire from when I worked in arts education. Is it still around? I just searched for it right now, but is now NYFA Current.


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