Thursday, November 16, 2006

ChipIn Over the Holidays

Did you know that according to the 2005 Kintera/Luth Nonprofit Trend Report:

"On average, online givers donate in total (both online and offline) more than 50 percent more than those donors who do not give online."

I've been thinking about how bloggers can use their blogs during the holiday season to support organizations that they care about, like Chez Pim has done for UNICEF with the Menu for Hope.

My fellow BlogHer co-editor, Beth Kanter, has launched a fundraising campaign using ChipIn. ChipIn allows a group of people to collect money online whether it is for a birthday gift, a party or a fundraiser.

Between now and December 31st, Beth is working to raise $750 for the Sharing Foundation, an NGO that works with local officials, orphanages, and NGOs in Cambodia to improve children's lives. She sits on their board. The money is going to support a college scholarship for Leng Soparath (pictured here), an orphan from the Kampong Speu orphanage. $750 will cover her college fees and living expenses.

As of this writing, 3 PM on November 16th PST, she has raised 44% of her goal, and she started the campaign ten days ago!

Beth has been keeping notes about what is working and what isn't on her blog. If you have a web site or blog, and want to start a similar campaign of your own, I'm sure she'd be happy to share tips and advice-- she's very nice (:

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