Monday, May 14, 2007

My Dad: Allen Stamm Humanitarian of the Year

I spent the weekend in New Mexico celebrating two important days with my parents: Mother's Day and my dad's receiving the Allen Stamm Humanitarian of the Year award from the United Way of Santa Fe County.

I wanted to share with you the blurb about him from the New Mexico Business Weekly:

Tom Aageson, Executive Director of the Museum of New Mexico Foundation, has been named the Allen Stamm Humanitarian of the Year by the United Way of Santa Fe County.
Aageson's is one of six awards the United Way will present on May 10 at La Posada Hotel in Santa Fe. The Stamm award honors individuals who demonstrate outstanding leadership with particular impact in education, health and human services. United Way officials said Aageson is a 'catalyst for making valuable connections between the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds.'

Aageson was a co-founder of the International Folk Art Market and he helped develop New Mexico Creates, which markets the work of New Mexico artists and artisans through the Foundation's shops and on the Internet.
And some more juicy bits from the United Way press release:
Tom says, “Cultural entrepreneurs have been creating solutions to problems and have been cultural change agents for years.…” Tom feels that if we do not invest in our Santa Fe arts and cultural industries and keep pace with other larger and smaller cities, Santa Fe’s cultural economy will go into serious decline, we will lose our employment base and what supports our broader enterprise sector, for profit and nonprofit. Tom’s colleagues describe him with terms like “amazing energy”, “grace”, and “persistent spirit.” “…most important is his sense that art in itself cannot be separated from people’s basic need for food, health care, education, and housing and how he incorporates his professional work with those aspects of his commitment to social justice,” comments Norty Kalishman of the McCune Charitable Foundation.

Tom’s personal philosophy springs from his belief that, “leadership that enhances the common good comes after the development of a strong set of values through a spiritual life……the common good is what must be first and foremost in our lives…” United Way honors Tom as a leader who has put his beliefs and integrity into action for the betterment of our New Mexico community and beyond.
Yay, Dad!


  1. that's awesome! congrats to your dad! and congrats to you for having such great parents!

  2. Wow, that is really great, you must feel very proud to have a father who cares so much!

    Thank you for sharing such a great story :)

  3. Thanks, Matt and Zoe. He is a pretty awesome guy.

  4. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Congratulations to your dad! It's hard to find such a caring father these days, best of luck to you.


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