Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nonprofit and Activist Women Bloggers in Chicago

With just nine days until the BlogHer Conference in Chicago, where I'll be moderating the panel, "Getting It On(line) for a Cause: Raising Money," I thought I'd search around for nonprofit and activist women bloggers in the Chicago area.

Here's what I found:

Chicago Books to Women in Prison
, a volunteer collective that distributes free books to women in prisons across the country, has a blog as their front page. They recently posted about the Chicago Tribune article, "Behind Bars, But Still Girls". According to the article, "The fastest-growing population in adult corrections is the female population."

Chicago Community Midwives also uses a blog as their site's home page. Today they announced that through their advocacy work, "
Governor Blagojevich has issued a Proclamation honoring the Founders of La Leche League and declaring July 16-23rd La Leche League International Week!"

Christine Cupaiuolo is a Chicago-based blogger who
created, Ms. magazine's daily blog on media and culture. She writes for Our Bodies, Our Blog (about women's health and feminism) and manages the web site, Women's Voices for Change.

Journal of a Young Activist write about her travels and human rights work in Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Afghanistan, and her life as a Chicago Seminary Student.

Finally, the blog, reappropriate, although not based out of Chicago, posted about the Asian Pacific Americans for Progress Activist Training and Midwest Summit on Saturday, August 4th in Chicago. Attendees will learn, "the basic tools of political organizing including volunteer recruitment, networking, planning events, targeting, phonebanking and other useful campaign skills." The training will be lead by Parag Mehta, Director of Training at the Democratic National Committee and filmmaker Eric Byler.

What other nonprofit and activist bloggers based in Chicago do you read?

Photo Credit: Chicago Skyline from Navy Pier by Michelle.


  1. hi britt,

    i am a frequent visitor of your blog and i thank you for sharing all these resources all the time.

    i think the blogathon is a great idea. i was fascinated by fair trade, and found co-working a hip reflection of the signs of our times.

    moreover, i am so happy to have found the books for women's prison project as really, there are so many books just lying around the country that could be put to good use.

    thanks again and keep blogging!



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