Tuesday, August 28, 2007

8 Facts About Me Meme

Soha El-Borno of Wild Apricot tagged me to participate in the 8 Random Facts About Me Meme. I think I've done this before so if you've been reading here for awhile, I'm probably repeating myself.

First the rules

1) Post these rules before you give your facts

2) List 8 random facts about yourself

3) At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them

4) Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they've been tagged

Then the facts:

1. Before I started blogging, podcasting, and consulting for nonprofits, I worked for six years at an arts education nonprofit teaching autobiographical writing to San Francisco public middle school students using storytelling and theater.

2. My favorite books when I was growing up were Harriet the Spy, My Side of the Mountain, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and the biographies of Virginia Dare and Sacajewea.

3. My best friend in grade school used to call me Birt. My best friend from college called me Britthead because of my big hair. She still calls me BH.

4. I had a lot of food allergies growing up, including chocolate. I used to crush candy bars inside their wrappers at the grocery store 'cause I couldn't eat them. Nice, huh?

5. My maiden name is Aageson (Bravo is my husband's name). Because of the double "A", I had to sit in the first seat in the first row in school. On the first day, when the teacher would call roll, they would always look at the student list, raise their eyebrows and then say, "Britt . . . . .?" so they wouldn't have to pronounce my last name.

6. My favorite colors are orange and red.

7. I worked at Mystic Seaport for a little while after college where one of my jobs was presenting a slide show about whaling, including a harpoon demonstration. Lemme know if you need to know anything about baleen.

8. I majored in Sociology at Vassar. My thesis was about the increased interest in holistic health as a social movement.

I'm tagging:

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  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    You're still BH to me kiddo! I'm glad the nickname stuck. Lord knows mine has. And BH is a lot better than EB!

    I love the photo!


  2. Anonymous7:41 PM

    The Mixed Up Files--ah, it's the best. So great to meet you at Blogher.h

  3. Anonymous8:57 PM

    I'm intrigued - what were the conclusions of your thesis?

  4. Celeste: It was good to meet you too! At one point I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and tried to find all the places she mentioned in the book.

    Miche: It was a long time ago so I don't remember a lot of the details! The gist was that historically people are attracted to alternative medicine when conventional medicine fails them. So for example, alternative medicine was popular until antibiotics and anesthesia were invented. When chronic diseases like cancer an AIDS began to increase, and conventional medicine couldn't heal them, alternative medicine's popularity grew again.

  5. Hi Britt,

    Thanks for meming me. I just posted my 8 random facts. You can check it out at

    all best,


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