Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Personal Presidential Picker on

I think this is so fun. has launched a Presidental Matchmaker tool/game that shows you which candidates' views match yours the most closely. You take a 20 question quiz where you rate how strongly you support or oppose issues, and it matches you with a presidential candidate. (You need to create a login and password to see the results).

Problem is, it told me what I already know: it tied Obama and Clinton. You know I love the Obama (he's on The Daily Show tonight, by the way), but you gotta admit, Hilary has been kicking butt on the debates.

I wish Obama would lighten up a bit, and I'm very bummed that he has discontinued his podcast. It was my favorite, and made him seem like a down to earth person, not just a presidential candidate.

Photos of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton taken from the Presidential Matchmaker Quiz.

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